Holiday Rentals - Benefits and Drawbacks

If you are constantly on a journey but would love to relax in a place feel a lot more like home then holiday homes available for rent in Spain can provide just the best service you can think. These are the type of accommodation which are highly recommended especially for large groups or individuals going on a vacation together with hopes on cutting down travel and accommodation expenses. These can also be a great option for you, your pals or any members of the family who are not interested in eating foods prepared at a hotel. Most of all, you can enjoy the great balance of privacy and fun-filled vacation without worrying about the company of others.Too much excitement however can be quite a downside because some details could possibly be neglected particularly when selecting over villa or hotel so choose carefully by knowing all the info and choices.

Advantages and benefits of choosing a villa


Large Group Accommodation
Depending on the size, a villa can comfortably accommodate up to 20-30 people or more. This will cut on a lot of cost when compared with renting a hotel. The interaction ease is on the higher end because the group will be able to bond collectively without having to proceed to the theme park to bond.

Personal space and personalization.
Unlike a hotel, a villa has a dining table, a kitchen space, a bedroom and a washroom all within the reach of the individual. Some villas include a complete complement of staff, personal butler, even a full time cook to prepare you the most delicious meals. A villa does give you a lot more privacy and freedom to carry out anything your heart desires, you can easily come and go as you like and explore your destination.

Unnecessary noise from the neighborhood.
Go for renting a villa if you want a peaceful vacation place to stay and spend your holiday without worrying neighbors and hooting cars on the street. They usually are in a quite area with exceptional scenery and many chances to relax & rejuvenate. Compared to hotels, disturbance from other hotel visitors will be categorised as history.

Negative aspects of letting a villa


With privacy brings isolation.

If you are someone who can’t survive in remoteness then it would be better to give a hotel a try. The privacy and peaceful atmosphere in a villa can be a bit daunting specifically if you are staying in a huge and spacious villa, it can even possibly be a not so good holiday experience for you. Now, if daily interaction with unknown people seems normal - like a receptionist smiles at you in the hotel entrance or bump some people in the elevator or hearing that annoying laughter from a lady next door then all the more reason for you to consider renting a hotel instead rather than renting a villa.

Lack of room service.
When you have late night cravings and you’re feeling the necessity to order a snack right away, just be sure that you’ll be able to do all of that in a villa. Lack of room service can play a big role regarding having foods. Round the clock service on the contrary is what hotels can offer.

No get-away in villas.
Hotels have access to restaurants, bars and other fun places while villas may not. As we said earlier pure isolation. Decide on a hotel if you are a fun loving person especially during the wee hours of the night.

To sum it up, villa rentals apartments, depend of comfort and personality and not class or money. No matter what should fit your preference and the ease and comfort ability you’re looking for should dictate the option you’ll make.

Fantastic drone footage of Javea & Benitachell, Alicante Spain

Wanna see a fantastic part of Spain?

A Historical Journey To Javea & Javea Villa Rentals

If you are looking for a new destination for you holiday then consider going to the coastal region of Costa Blanca in Spain. The main attraction of this beautiful coastal area is its 200km stretch of sandy beaches, theme parks full of thrilling rides, great cultural attractions from the museums and galleries, romantic cobbled streets and thriving art scene, excellent places to eat and drink and brilliant nightlife.

All kinds of activities are available in Costa Blanca such as quad excursions in Denia, helicopter flights, hot air balloon rides, skydiving experiences, kayak & snorkeling, buggy excursions in Denia, jet ski rides, horse riding in Benidorm, catamaran day at sea, Segway Tours Benidorm, Hot Air Balloon Flights and so much more. You’ll never get bored and well definitely enjoy your holiday. Javea is the most visited coastal town of Costa Blanca. 

Javea, also known as ‘Xabia’ within the Valencian dialect is a small coastal town in Spain’s Alicante province. It nestled at the foot of the Montgo summit on the Cap de la Nau headland whic overlooks a placid natural bay that, in turn, opens up to the Mediterranean and nearby Balearic Islands. It was once a sleepy fishing village which have grown into a thriving town with a happy mix of old and new. Javea is split into three distinct areas: Javea Old town, Javea port, Javea Arenal Beach.

The El Arenal Beach in Javea is the most visited beach famous for its natural attractions and white sandy beach. This is the beach which is most loved by adventure seekers. Arenal is a Spanish word for sandy. It is a perfect sandy beach. It has clear clean water and is very ideal for families with children. Glamorizing the lifestyle here are the white sandy beaches with cool sea water, the surrounding excellent restaurants and the perfect Mediterranean sunshine.

The Parador hotel lies to the north and stretches to the last beach bar where the rocky cliffs start. At the hotel, you can enjoy the wide view of the silhouetting landscape. Its southern boundary is the Scallops restaurant which is most recommended because the foods are delicious and reasonably pricey with large portions.

A newly renovated promenade is in between which is now so much more appealing. There are concrete slab seating on the edge of the beach in some section, walkways fully modernised, a great amount of bars and restaurants and a craft market which later after dark comes to life. Javea Arenal beach is very popular for hanging around with lots of volleyball courts and great selection of water sports. The best season is the summer holiday and the Arenal beach is being highlighted by an open air cinema. Films are shown outdoors in Castilian Spanish version with English subtitles and free admission.

If you like the beach and water sports, Arenal beach provides these. You can swim, dive, surf, snorkel and fish while at this exemplary Spanish beach. Golfing and go-karting are other activities you can do with facilities which are only few distance away from the beach.

The Cabo de la Nao cliff is also just a few kilometers away from the beach. If you wish to get a better view of the port area, Ibiza, and the old historic town as well as the surrounding area, a bit of walking to get to the cliff won’t hurt yet very beneficial.

Javea is the oldest known Roman settlement on Spain’s east coast, dating as far back as the second century A.D. when Roman boats traded here for fish and minerals. During the sixth century Visigoth Christian monks arrived and founded the monastery of San Martin. To this day you will encounter locals with Visigoth names. There is not much evidence left of their influence, but the Moors were present from the 700s until they were expelled in 1609.

Javea old town is steeped in history and it’s evident in the architecture, with its Tosca stone porticoes, gothic bay windows, wrought iron window bars and balcony railings. The church of San Bartolemé in the town centre is an example of late gothic architecture with a defensive character. The “Soler Blasco” Archaeological Museum is close by in the narrow streets and offers a wealth of information about Iberian history.

Dominating the fishing port is the modern silhouette of the church of Nuestra Señora de Loreto, with its roof depicting a ships hull. Outside the town, following the road to the San Antonio cape, the architectural sites include the monastery of Nuestra Señora de los Angeles, a series of small hermitages clutch the slopes of the mountain and ancient windmills dominate the landscape.

If we talk about the accommodation then you really don’t need to worry about it. You can easily stay in Javea with affordable villas and holiday apartments to rent. The good thing is that these holiday villas and apartments are at walking distance from the beautiful beaches, restaurants and cafe. You will find shopping complex in the near by area so it is a smart choice to rent the villas for your Javea holidays.



Living in Javea

My wife and I go to this destination quite a lot and we normally stay in Andalusia each time we went to a vacation to this elegant country. Just like how we love having an escapade, we also love change. So this year, both of us made a decision to stay in Javea and rent a luxury yet…

Ensure That Well Planned Vacation With Javea Rentals

Are you skeptic about renting holiday villas yet scared of having that well planned holiday vacation turn into a total nightmare because you’ve rented a hotel room instead?

The fact that an accommodation can easily make or break a holiday and can even turn your dream holiday into a total nightmare and even pushes you to think clearly and decide closely on whether or not to rent a villa and go opt for renting hotel room instead means it’s quite a big decision to make and it has to be planned accordingly.

For that long awaited Javea holidays for the entire family, booking holiday rentals in Javea can be very beneficial not only to you but to the family members as well. You will have all kinds of options to choose from - from luxury villas to cheap apartments in Javea. All you need to do is to do use google for online searches and find that right place where you and the entire family can be easily accommodated. There are many holiday rental adverts and online sites which provide the facility of booking your holiday villa rentals. They are posting photos of inside and outside of the villa which should be able to help you to decide which one is the most suitable villa to rent. 

Javea is famous for its healthiest climate recognized by the World Health Organization so skinny dipping into the sun can be enjoyed fully and not only that - it’s also famous for its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. A newly renovated promenade is now even more appealing with walkways fully modernised and excellent restaurants, bars and cafes nearby. Javea indeed offer a great holiday for the family. There are also other things that attracts visitors to transport to this coastal town of Javea in an instant.

Villa rentals in Javea offer a great experience to spend your Javea holidays. Villas in El Mirador offer really great view to the Mediterranean sea where one can see the true beauty of sea and nature. Villas are also spacious and have many living areas. It can definitely be a great accommodation if you have kids because villas have facilities for them like courtyard for basketball, football and other outdoor games. 

Benefits of renting villa will also include kitchen space where all kitchen materials are available like microwave, cooker, kettle, fridge and freezer. You can save a lot for the holidays by cooking the food yourself and buying fresh produce available in a large market open every Thursday. Other amenities included in renting villa so you could feel at home are Satellite TV, WIFI, internet facility, CD or DVD players even washing machine and dishwasher are there for you to use. You’ll surely have a lovely Javea holidays with your family and all the theme parks and nature parks and all other places you don’t want to miss visiting are accessible by car and other local vehicles. So, go ahead in this vacation for booking your Javea holidays and feel the Spain’s beauty in your own way.

Totally Fallen In love With Javea - Moving In For Good Soon!

Living in Javea

My wife and I go to this destination quite a lot and we normally stay in Andalusia each time we went to a vacation to this elegant country. Just like how we love having an escapade, we also love change. So this year, both of us made a decision to stay in Javea and rent one of luxurious yet very affordable Javea holidays accommodation with only a walking distance to the beach. We’re both so joyful because it turned out that the area is really a worthwhile destination.

Javea or Xàbia as it is often spelt can be found in Alicante in Valencia, across the south-east coast. Javea is yet a far more varied place than you can actually imagine and without doubt is a very popular holiday vacation spot with numerous places of interest. We figured out that the majority of the respectable Spanish people have been living in Javea and we both finally feel somewhat more Spanish in this place. It’s very true that Spanish culture is very hospitable and wishes to make sure the visitor feels convenient among them. The local people have really kept in touch with their past somewhat more than other areas of the country. It also provides the travelers and vacationers that distinct sensation of experience and comfort. So, you will definitely feel at home.


Javea is known to have the best climate in the world. It’s not quite as hot as the southern tip of Spain being further up from the equator but the weather is still awesome hot. With a construction of Mediterranean style and design and maze of narrow winding streets bordered on both sides by old white-washed buildings, the town itself is exactly what you’d expect. You can even go walking around and be thrilled of how perfectly the beaches are as Javea gives you its 25 Km of beaches, a wide-ranging coastline of beaches and coves. Basically, the complete stretch of coast is sure to impress you.

Mt. Montgo in Javea

The Montgó Natural Park is especially very well worth seeing if you visit, and you can rent a bicycle within the town itself. We don’t have any children to be concerned about, so we took a trip up the Montgó Mountain on our second day, this time on foot. Hiking up to the summit was an elite experience and worth the effort specifically if you reached the top and be delighted in the breathtaking views of landscape and seascape it provides. You can view Denia and north to Valencia, west out to sea and south Javea at the mountain. Restaurants and food shops are not nearby so be sure to bring with you all that you should reach the summit like foods and lots of water to keep you hydrated during the long trip. Before going for a trip to the summit or after, it would also be good for you personally to go and see the old town or the ancient part of Javea if you are still in town. We’re fairly positive you do not choose to miss it. It still has an old wall that was built to keep out pirates, and there’s a magnificent 14th century church to take a look about. If you want to venture up a bit, there are some excellent views of the whole enclave from the cliff situated on either side of the town. They are a convenient area to sit and enjoy a packed lunch.

We have mostly covered all activities required to totally enjoy the visit like eating (mostly in this lovely eating place in Javea Bay - Sofia’s Restaurant), scuba diving, lounging on the shore and on the sand at the sea. Basically, the week was spent in the encircling area cycling or walking. We came to this area for that reason.


We really love Javea. We were happy with our holiday so much that we have made a decision to transfer permanently and move out there within the year or so, and the second part of our holiday was spent actually searching for a very affordable villa for sale in Javea. We had been able to find a number of good property deals and villas for sale in Javea, but we have still to come to an agreement between the two of us the best idea of new home for us.

The town is reasonably affluent, as it’s a very desirable location so there are villas that can reach a sale price in the several millions of Euros. Including the money from selling our current home, our budget would be around 300,000€ and with that amount, you can already buy a well located quality property or villa with a pool. We are very interested in an outstanding villa which is a great mix of both classic Spanish architecture and contemporary. It has its very own vacation pool and a big garden. There’s other villa which we are also serious about. Though it’s not big but it’s situated near to the canal and similarly priced. A lovely villa with 2 bedrooms offering breathtaking panoramic views of the enclave from spacious balcony located in the Castellans area of Javea is nevertheless what we found which is surprisingly only half the price of the other two. Although it lacks swimming pool area, the balcony even more than makes up for it, and for 50 % off the purchasing price we’d be able to even sustain and rent our existing residence for extra cash.

The determination of moving out here and having a new lifestyle is exceedingly unbearable we have fallen deeply and adored Javea, along with the beaches, the countryside, the folks as well as amazing households. All we will need to do now is make a final decision what is the right home we want (and can afford) and we will be establishing our new lives in one of the popular excellent places on Earth.